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Rain Heart Kawaii Quest

July 10, 2023 at 5:18:47 AM


horror-comedy-mystery, ARG, multiplat, LGBT, fanime, like y'know n'yah?

A young girl named Lily uses the fanime she's making and the spinoff manga she's writing as a coping mechanism, as suggested by her therapist, Raine Evans. Raine is a very sketchy fellow, only being 19 and seeming to have just popped up out of nowhere with his therapy program that seems too good to be true. The other patients of Raine's therapy soon find themselves in a death game with a cosmic scale much larger than they could ever begin to realize, while Lily remains clueless.

Players can interact with these patients through YouTube, Tumblr, and other means. An optional Discord server is also available, but is mostly for players to congregate and share their findings. All meaningful interactions are logged and recreated or shown publicly in the videos, visual-novel or RPG style games, or in blog entries.

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