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mystery-psych, immersive narrative, YT, extradimensional, secret societies

We live in a strange world and every now and again pieces of the beyond slip in, causing uncanny consequences.

After Neal wakes up in Edgewater he quickly realizes not everything is as it seems. He follows a trail of breadcrumbs which inevitably leads him to Ben, who Neal believes holds some kind of key information into what it is that happened to him. Ben is slow to reveal his true self, but the two eventually realize that neither one of them will be able to figure out what's going on without each other's help. After a series of retracing Neals steps, Neal comes into contact with beings that lie within a separate dimension. These beings have an agenda and whether it's for nefarious purposes or not, they greatly influence the objectives of both Ben and Neal, eventually resulting in problems beyond their comprehension.

The two work together to discover as much as they can about these other beings and everything throughout Edgewater's history that might tie-in to them. Through missing friends, trouble with the law, and mysterious figures watching their every move, the determination of solving an otherworldly mystery is too much for Ben and Neal to resist.

This series will entail audiences to use their imagination and come to conclusions solely based on their own interpretation of what they see and believe. There is no definitive answer.

A playlist of all videos uploaded so far is available here:

A Twitter account exists: https://twitter.com/northelkmen

And there's a lore-filled Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edgewaterlodge/

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