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Paradox, by Coronum

10/2/20, 12:39 AM


mystery-drama-horror, ARG, multi-plat, Coronum, Obriel Falls, AI

A town-ruling corporation. Monsters known to no man prior. A.I. who could be friend or foe. The people stuck in the middle. A fight for freedom. Paradox, By Coronum is a broad story, with several twists and heavy player involvement as to where the story goes. Through direct messaging and emails to the characters, participating in polls hosted by the two sides of our story, and piecing together what exactly is going on, what happens to the unfortunate Coronum employees is largely in the hands of those who choose to play.

One day like any other, people began to be reached out to by a newly made Twitter account. Paradox, By Coronum. Describing itself as Coronum's newest branch, yet somehow without a purpose, Paradox's employees set themselves to the task of finding out just exactly why they were there. Little did they know what Coronum had in store for them, or just how much their lives and safety were in other's hands...

To understand the story of the project, the content on three primary twitters must be followed and observed: @ParadoxCoronum, @ByCoronum, and @CoronumFaris. There is also another Twitter account, @ObrielFallsTalk, that will provide some complimentary material as to the setting of the project on their blog-style website. Material on this platform primarily exists to flesh out the characters, and provide more mystery. Much of the conspiracy theory content on this site is to be taken with a grain of salt. There will also be some puzzles spread throughout.

There's four in character twitter accounts, and one Wix website involved with this project.

... and a Google Classroom code: 4m7b4hs

There is also a relevant YouTube channel, where videos will be posted in the Coronum [Faris] Twitter.

Any other platform, account, or piece of media is meant to be discovered through one's own... well, discovery. Specifically, filling in the form will lead to an in-character Discord account ( ParadoxByCoronum#9379) friending you, giving access to DMs on that platform. This particular avenue is not meant for large swathes of players, and activity on it will primarily be used for players to get to know the human characters.

This is a player created and run solving server for tracking information about the characters, the setting, and some of the puzzles. I am present on the server, but not as the GM.

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