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Rapid Eyes

10/24/23, 5:46 AM


mystery-drama-horror, immersive narrative, YT, this game I found, ghost in the machine, unpredictable

"Rapid Eyes" is an unfiction series starring a currently unnamed uploader. A program has appeared on the uploader's computer, and cannot be deleted no matter what they do. Deciding to document the program through YouTube videos, they discover it is in fact a game upon opening it. As the uploader plays the game, there are many unexpected levels that seem to morph and change as it is played. Not only this, but the program seems to reach out beyond where it should and influence things it should not be able to. The series focuses on the uploader as they record, play, and experience Rapid Eyes. Viewers can expect a gripping, thrilling, and mysterious adventure as the horrors of the game are revealed.

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