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The Hadrian Brothers

10/2/23, 8:34 PM


mystery-drama, immersive narrative, investigation, multiplat, manipulation, paranoia

A tapestry of crimes and stories knot together to create an unapologetically complex mystery. Separating fact from fiction won’t be your only task as you weave your way through murders and disappearances all linked by a cult. The Hadrian Brothers are right in the middle of it, everything else is for you to decide.

Watch the gripping tale as told by a self confessed professional liar. Then, follow Jennifer, a dedicated crime blogger turned investigator, as she carefully connects the dots. Beware, her obsession may plunge her right in the middle of it, too.

There are two gates to this epic mystery, each giving a completely different perspective of the story. An ongoing series of YouTube uploads meticulously crafted by a British conman gives the story a centre view, while the investigative true crime website and blog by Jennifer lends an outsider’s perspective to the overall narrative.

Outright lies and secret agendas make this a journey of many twists and turns, but we all come out knowing one thing’s for sure - The Hadrian Brothers are dead, long live The Hadrian Brothers.



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