Lonely Man's Lazarus


psych-drama, interactive project, multiplat, comic, paranormal

'Lonely-Man's Lazarus' is a multi-media immersive narrative project about Audric Charon, an overachiever who everyone wanted to be before he died. After dying, Audric is soon resurrected by Gremory 'Grim' Erebus, an otherworldly being who gave all of his powers in exchange for all of Audric's 'worst' memories. But Grim takes advantage of this situation and takes all of Audric's memory. Now Audric begins to learn about the person he once was through dreams, people, friends, enemies, and from the monster himself, Grim, and now begins to see that maybe he wasn't such a great person after all.

The story is through Webtoon and Youtube with the main messages and parts being these:

The comic aspect:

The trailer:

The first season/the first location:

Most interactive action is taking place on a Tumblr; password is lilith:

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