Puzzle Projects

major use of puzzles, codes, and mental challenges

for characters, audience, or both


If you wanted an Instagram-based mystery box specializing in monochrome design, this it it. Submitted by a follower, there's a proper writeup in the "Read More" to gain better perspective on what precisely has been going on and what this all might be.

puzzle-mystery, ARG, IG, space is beautiful



A mysterious man in search of "exceptional individuals" challenges university students from Brazil to solve his puzzles, donating money for charity as players progress through his challenges. However, constant warnings about an evil organization running the country from the shadows run parallel to the challenge, and KuroYotogi seems to employ a surveillance system with dubious ethics and intentions.

puzzle-mystery, ARG, TW, Brazilian


Southern Woods Cult

The mysterious Southern Woods Cult is searching for new applicants and recruiting has started. Pass through the four phases and get to know the elusive members of the cult. You too can become a Burrower that falls under the reign of Xylkón.

puzzle-mystery, ARG, RED, oh deer god


Unknown 9

A secret cabal of scientists, paranormal researchers, and mystics known as the Leap Year Society have discovered a different layer of reality known as The Fold. A series of connected narratives ranging from an ARG (Chapters), a trilogy of books (Genesis), podcast (Out of Sight), comic (Torment), and a video game (Ascension) explore the world that lies just past our consciousness.

puzzle-horror, ARG, multiplat, big universe



The American Society for the Protection of Magical Creatures (the ASPMC) was founded over a century ago to encourage the protection of magical creatures and their habitats. In the intervening years, the organization has atrophied and become a shadow of its former self. Remnants of ASPMC have taken it upon themselves to digitize their efforts and provided a series of missions for new recruits to help out.

puzzle-humor, ARG, multiplat, phase-based game


Signal and Noise

(A.K.A. Pangent Technologies | Human Souls) The minds of a man and a woman are trapped as data inside a Cube, inside which time and space are meaningless. In our time, three women work at Pangent Technologies London to develop the dangerous tech that becomes the Cube (555), while posting puzzles, memes and game hacks, and being antagonized by their bosses. Also Eric is there.

puzzle-mystery-humor, ARG, multiplat, Cube is Life


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