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Signal and Noise

July 30, 2020 at 1:24:58 AM


puzzle-mystery-humor, ARG, multiplat, Cube is Life

Signal and Noise (Pangent Technologies Human Souls ARG):

A rogue AI called Alyssa is also present in the Cube, and is apparently fueled and created by the social media posts of Pangent Technologies. She evolves from a light-up showerhead in our time to a blue-haired CGI woman in 555.

In our time, a woman (codenamed Argentina) works at Pangent Technologies in London, developing the technology that will become the Cube. Social media is mostly run by Leslie (who loves cats and comic strips and Garfield and The Spice Girls and California). There is also the sensible Sharon (codename Guineapix). And Eric (Limonada), a formerly-homeless artist who dates and marries Argentina. Argentina's manipulative mentor is (or was) Dean Schreyer (Lancelot). He understands Argentina's mind, and takes advantage of her clever, anti-social and reckless nature. Dean's son (Galahad/X) dates Argentina briefly, and makes her life much harder afterward.

This plays out via unlisted videos hidden within a gaming Youtube channel called Signal and Noise, and via coded Tumblr posts (often comedic in nature).

Running since January 2016, the ARG includes about three hundred videos, thousands of puzzles and Tumblr posts, some playable game content and RomHacks, and (less importantly) a Twitter account and two Facebook accounts, which post memes.

Players interact with Alyssa and the characters through Tumblr Asks, and through solving puzzles, which provide further content. This is done by a small team at the Game Detectives Discord server, and posted to a solutions blog here:


Nearly everything major in Signal and Noise works through a puzzle/cryptogram public entry that hides the actual story content behind it. Think of it as a sort of locked-door/reward-room pattern.

The first comprehensible story installment can be found through the public video titled "Zero" in binary, which leads to the unlisted video titled "Complete" in binary, posted on February 14th, 2016 and located here:

The best way to carve out a path for exploration is by using the Human Souls/Videos page on the Game Detectives Wiki, where players have archived the public puzzle videos, their decoded titles, and links to the pages worked out on the Solutions Tumblr that provide the reward information.

In essence: this page is your ultimate beginner's reference. Row by row, click on the Solution page, browse the info, and look for a final YouTube link, which will take you to a major story video (if there's one to be found at the end of that puzzle chain). Every major story component will always be in an unlisted video, not a public video.

Alternatively, there is a main Human Souls page on the Game Detective Wiki with a section called "For New Players" that has posted some of the major story beat videos and important media drops, though not necessarily in order:

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