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Night Mind

Though the date on the channel's 'About' tab says April 10, 2015, the true birthday of Night Mind is July 20th, 2015, with the release of the very first video, "Marble Hornets: Explained - Season One"

From the creation of this first video, Night Mind grew into a channel specializing in coverage of media in the field of unfiction, focusing particularly on horror and mystery (two major genres in this field of storytelling) while also exploring and celebrating incredible storytelling projects that are not unfiction, like 

the webseries "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared," and the novel, "House of Leaves"

"Night Mind" refers to the unexplored and under-explored realm of the 

mind as well as themes and subject matter inspired by concepts of night; 

it represents new, unique, inventive, and non-traditional creativity while 

often dealing in 'darker' subjects, such as horror, mystery, and the taboo.

By contrast, the "Day Mind" is the territory of the most commonly explored realm of the mind and produces what has been widely taught or recognized in the world already: the traditional, the expected, and themes, subject matter, concepts, and approaches

to creativity that are familiar or widespread.

The Night Mind channel is dedicated to the exploration, celebration

education, and archiving of creativity that comes from the night mind. 

The channel has a particular focus on lifting up exceptional projects that are underexposed and unknown while encouraging those who wish to add stories and experiences to the field.

It also encourages audiences to engage and share in the mission of supporting new, unique, and undiscovered voices and doing their part to encourage and promote the field and its creators.

Nick Nocturne

Nick Nocturne is the creator and character host

of the Night Mind channel, curating exploration of modern content that stems from the realm of

the night mind, primarily unfiction.

He is molded in the vein of early traditional horror hosts (Zacherley, Rod Serling) and its more modern characters (Cryptkeeper, Elvira) with additional personality and style influences stemming from

his character history and life in the internet era.



Portrait of Nick Nocturne in primary official outfit for
imagery in 2019's October theme on Night Mind
by Graphi Gato

Nick Nocturne is a demon, one of the thousands of children of Lilith, the Queen Mother of Hell--and by demonic standards, he's a truly terrible son.

Born in the late 1800's, the demon that would later come to call himself Nick Nocturne experienced multiple summoning events under magicians across the world starting in 1894, and didn't encounter opportunity to breach a summoning circle until the year 1986, marking his first free-roaming period on Earth.

That first period ended in 1992 after an encounter with a magician who specialized in sending demons back to their realm. The next major summoning event was in 1998, kicking off an extended period of service to a coven leader who promised to grant his freedom at the end of their work. After three years of service and the completion of the coven's desired goals, the summoner betrayed her promise and sent Nick back to Hell.

Summoning was rare in the period between 2001 and 2008, but a lucky break occurred in early 2009 when a novice succeeded in pulling Nick through without placing down any protective measures. He took enough time to get caught up on the year he'd been pulled into and promptly wandered off to be free again.

Years were spent learning how the world now operated and how to get properly settled without alerting anyone who could send him back. Eventually, he met all of his needs as a demon hiding on Earth through the internet and came to find a deep appreciation and humor in the world of horror and the taboo. He found unfiction and saw an opportunity to exist as himself on YouTube without real danger while doing something he cared for that met all of his needs.

All demons except the explicitly cursed and bound can choose their form and shapeshift at will.
In the beginning, Nick Nocturne had no decided form for his online identity, but that problem was, he felt, something to collaborate on with his audience to a certain degree.
In the end, his form was influenced by a mix of jokes between himself and audience members regarding the Hocus Pocus character, Thackery Binx, resulting in Nick becoming an anthro black cat with four eyes (and sometimes four arms). As an "internet demon," it only made sense to be a black cat; the traditional form of the familiar spirit (a witch's demon assistant) was a black cat, and the internet was--at least in 2008 through 2010--ruled by cats, or so the joke went at the time.

To this day, Nick Nocturne hosts the Night Mind channel, being himself as both a demon and a creature who has lived on Earth and learned with humanity, growing with this world while staying true to his personality and attempting to rise above his original station as a demon--no matter how much it would infuriate his mother and siblings if they found out.

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