Psych Projects

psychological havoc/stimulation, mental discovery, and emotional exploration

Tyler's Dorm

Tyler lived a fairly normal life, infrequently using Twitter since 2015. But things take an unexpected turn in 2021 upon arriving back to Uni from Christmas break. Dispite not having a roommate for the majority of the previous semester, he is told that his roommate is, and always has been, a mysterious man named "John Doe". Why can't Tyler find this roommate of his? Why can't he get any straight answers?

psych-mystery-horror, interactive, TW, John Doe, forgotten


A Essential Solitude

[A Essential Solitude | The Podcast! with H.A. Holton]
Join H.A. Holton each week as he discusses book collecting, finds of the week, rare treasures, and so much more! Subscribe today via your favorite Podcatcher!

psych-mystery-horror, interactive, multiplat, multinarrative, un|rl



You are about to experience your life in a whole new manner, where every experience becomes an opportunity, rife with possibilities, adventures and excitements beyond your wildest imaginings . . . if you are ready to believe. The KNOCKWOOD Institute of Higher Learning provides a real world, experiential based educational system for the purpose and intent of expanding awareness and conscious evolution.

psych-humor, ARG, medium, text, satire, edumacation



Can You Hear the Church Bells Ringing concerns a group of friends and the strange illness that they seem to share between them. How deep does the conspiracy around Monaco's life run? Or perhaps, if you trust outside sources, it doesn't run at all; he's just crazy and hes going to be fine. Text based blog driven story featuring a secondary video story.

psych-mystery-drama, interactive, multi-plat, video, text


This is Just Gray

Gray is a young entrepreneur who's built his career, and in fact his identity, online. Upon suggestion from his therapist, he's decided to start a blog, but within just a few days of launching his new project, Gray's uploads begin to show obvious signs of tampering. The person who did it left a trail for his audience to find, which led to a second set of accounts set up at nearly the same time as his new blog.

psych-puzzle-drama, interactive, YT, text, game


Lonely Man's Lazarus

Audric Charon was the overachiever everyone wanted to be before he died. But when Audric is resurrected by Gremory 'Grim' Erebus, an otherworldly being who gave all his powers in exchange for Audric's memories, he begins to learn about the person he once was through dreams, people, friends, enemies, and from the monster himself, Grim, and realizes maybe he wasn't who he thought.

psych-drama, interactive project, multiplat, comic, paranormal


Mental Glitch

Mental Glitch is a YouTube channel run by Person R. He's looking for old dreamers, presumably his followers from his old channel before it was deleted. Person R also appears to struggle with seeing an entity named R3D, the co-host of his new channel. But who even is R3D?

psych-mystery, ARG, multiplat, virtual reality, thought experiments


Luke's Super Fun Idea Corner

Luke is held captive in an attic by a man who may or may not exist. Luke isn't sure. The confused yet enthusiastic young entrepreneur begins leaving codes in his videos to lead viewers to a second YouTube channel--one where he discusses his relationship to the world. He can't quite remember his past, but bit by bit the story is revealed while investigating whether his captor is really there.

psych-mystery-humor, interactive, YT, ideas for free!, sit down


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