Horror Projects

horrific, paranormal and unsettling events or circumstances abound

and may range from the fantastic to the disturbingly realistic


Once before, Jacob Smith went to a thrift shop, looking for something to purchase. An old video camera catches his eye and he buys it, the cashier states to Jacob that the previous owner of the camera was in a rush to get rid of it, and it came with a box of DVDs. As Jacob is looking through DVDs he starts getting deeper and deeper into the mystery of Tyler, The Director, and so much more. With the group the, box and THE SILENCE, and The Director after him, who knows what will happen next.

horror-mystery-puzzle, interactive, YT, Slenderman, found footage, vlogstyle


The Waves Were Crashing Below

The Waves Were Crashing Below is a horror/mystery interactive project. It starts off with a person named Jordan's memories and identity being destroyed, with them seeking revenge; however, it quickly grows into something much larger, involving a deity, a horrible monster, a murderous organization, and a twisted reality that tries to trap all that enter it.

horror-mystery, interactive, multiplat, who am I?



Blake was a normal child who lived an average life. Until he found an area where some sort of cult was summoning some terrifying creatures. Once the cult spotted Blake, they realized that he could reveal their plans and they try and kill him, before the entire plan is revealed. Now Blake has to face the creatures with his friends, Anthony and Colby.

horror-mystery, narrative, YT, seedeater, the rake, mystery



Cole Jensen is a teenager who keeps hearing noises at night in his apartment, which he first thinks is his neighbors, as he lives in a bad part of town, but then it started to come from outside his door. The noises consist of screaming, static, crying and scratching. He purchases a cheap camera from a thrift store to document the noises.

horror, ARG, YT, slenderman, vlogstyle


The Noises Below

Michael Wright begins hearing loud, ominous noises coming from his basement late at night. Eventually, when the noises are at its loudest, Michael decides to catch them on tape, and upload it to his YouTube channel, TheNoisesBelow. Things get worse for Michael, when he finds out that a mysterious entity known only as "The Seed Eater" begins stalking him.

horror-mystery, immersive narrative, seedeater, vlogstyle


Archive Susan

During the infancy of the World Wide Web, Tim hired programmer Christian to develop the first web spider, an autonomous program designed to index the growing network. During the five years of the project, the two watched as their creation developed into something more than they ever imagined. Almost thirty years later, Christian begins to suspect their creation may still be operating online in ways far beyond their original intentions.

horror-psych, immersive, YT, fatherhood, internet mystery


The One Above All

The One Above All is a Portuguese webseries that tells the story of a group of seventeen year olds who start a channel on YouTube about skating and exploring abandoned places until they find a dead body.

horror-mystery, interactive, YT, skate, vlogstyle, Portuguese


Have You Seen the Antlers

Have You Seen The Antlers is an interactive horror ARG roleplay hybrid hosted primarily on a discord server where players work together to determine the goal of a mysterious cult that is working towards a ritual date to summon an ancient entity to our world. Using a plethora of sites to put the pieces together created by whistle blowers of the cult, players have a chance to end their ritual before it starts.

horror-drama, ARG, multi-plat, cult shenanigans, countdown to doom


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