Humor Projects

for the projects that are absurd, funny, and incorporate 

tongue-in-cheek comedy or commentary

The Stockroach

The Stockroach is an immersive narrative YouTube channel presented as a young man's attempt to provide personal finance advice through a series of screen recordings and slide shows. However, the real story is told through everything that happens in the background: documents, browser history, notes, accidental flashes on screen during the videos, details about the vlogger's personal history, experiences at school, and references to an illness and recurring dreams.

humor-psych, interactive, YT, INVEST NOW, be a moneygrub


Grimpus & Simon

A purple blob and a blue bunny go on animated adventures as they start to realize the truth about themselves and ketchup sandwiches.

humor-psych, immersive, YT, animated, surrealism



Proxymorons is about two identical individuals, known only by their usernames: Proxymorons and AlertN_Afrayed. The latter claims the former is antagonizing him, and threatening to steal his identity. Proxymorons claims that he and AlertN_Afrayed are the same person, and that he is running an ARG through the content released on the two accounts; AlertN_Afrayed argues he is using this as a cover. In short, Proxymorons is an ARG about whether or not it's an ARG, and a subversion of the whole medium.

humor-psych, ARG, multi-plat, meta alert


Project Zalgo

At age 4 James Weed Fourskin tires to summon Zalgo but is arrested and is sentenced to 7 weeks in prison along with Jack Septiceye, Toby Edge, and Alex Killerkeemstar. He finds out that his brother became a serial killer and makes a video about his story. James then gets haunted by several monsters named slendirt Min, satoony head, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

humor-horror, immersive narrative, YT, parody, super serial right now!!!


Robinson do Futuro

Robinson do Futuro (Robinson from the Future) is a dystopian sci-fi psych humor podcast, transmitted from 2028. In the future, thanks to an explosion in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), people are unable to communicate with each other. With the need to be heard, Robinson, a Brazilian musicist, starts to record himself and discovers he's able to communicate with people from the past.

humor-psych, interactive, multi-plat, podcast, Brazilian Portuguese


3st Eye Podcast

The 3st Eye Podcast features anonymous agents pondering the nature of our reality and visualizing ideal futures through conversation and cultural criticism. The Agents record the podcast in between secret missions with the goal of opening eyes around the world in order to awaken The Mother Eye, their guide that delivers truth they convey to followers through conversation.

humor-psych, immersive narrative, audio, podcast, honor thy Mother


I Could Make You Care

A mentally ill twenty-something successfully reunites with his old friends from high school and sees that nothing's changed. Despite all the fun, parties, and outside adventures, however, he feels a growing paranoia inside him and soon realizes he's also reunited with something much more sinister.

humor-horror-drama, ARG, YT, slenderman


Formal Salad

Formal Salad is an absurdist comedy horror series about a haunted teddy bear, a crazed lunatic, and a man with a salad for a head. Watch this multimedia immersive narrative to see what shenanigans this crazy musical group gets up to! You might be surprised with what happens next!

comedy-horror, immersive narrative, multiplat, absurdist, retro


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