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Humor Projects

for the projects that are absurd, funny, and incorporate 

tongue-in-cheek comedy or commentary


The Office for the Preservation of Normalcy

5/31/24, 7:38 AM

In 1927, elements in the American government considered it necessary to create a secret governing body dedicated to protecting America and its allies from paranormal threats. With the help of the existing Canadian paranormal agency, the United States Office for the Preservation of Normalcy was founded.

This is the story of the OPN.

This is also the story of Meghan Hendricks.

humor-drama-horror, interactive project, TUM, urban fantasy, sci fi



Millenials Kill

3/4/24, 1:29 AM

This webcomic happens in a former corporate town where millennials are killing everything: industries, businesses, boomers and each other. A journalist with Pulizer prize in mind tries to uncover the secrets of the Sigma Wolf mafia running the place, but unfortunately he's dumb as fuck. The readers are left to do their own digging if they want to learn the full story. The mysteries start unfolding in a text based game in chapter 8.

humor-mystery, interactive project, website, comic



The Eternal Yard Sale

7/10/22, 1:54 AM

Browse the bizarre wares of a multiversal yard sale that explores and parodies the histories and pop culture of other realities. Then dive into the mysterious life of the proprietress, Lady Sera, as she collects a rag-tag band of allies to help resurrect her shattered reality and her lost love.

humor-mystery-puzzle, ARG, multiplat, parody, sweet deals within!



Dodo Bay

4/29/22, 1:15 AM

Dodo Bay revolves around a fictional vacation company. Based on the short story, The Most Dangerous Game, it puts a spin on the tale and intertwines mystery. Search through secret codes, hidden websites, and more!

humor-mystery, ARG, multiplat, vacation?



Karatime Karaoke

3/7/22, 6:19 PM

What appears to be a normal karaoke channel is actually one father's attempt to spread anti-circumcision awareness. By changing the lyrics to popular songs, he slowly unveils his story: a messy divorce, a custody battle over his son, and a war between those who want to keep their hoods and the United States Military.

humor, immersive narrative, YT, karaoke, keep the free accessory




6/4/21, 6:33 AM

The T6I is a private detective agency based in the crazy city of Fran Sancisco solving all sorts of wacky mysteries since 2012. With a recent surge in criminal activity, we are looking for more detectives to join our agency and keep Fran Sancisco safe. If you think you have what it takes to be a T6I Detective, try your skills on the test!

humor, ARG, website, detectives!



Pepsi Navy Exposed

5/2/21, 8:07 PM

Pepsi Navy Exposed is an ARG that draws players into a vast conspiracy surrounding Pepsi-Co and the navy ships they were traded by Russia in 1989. What if Pepsi kept the ships in secret, instead of giving them back? What if they've been growing their naval power all this time, experimenting on employees, infiltrating the government, and planning to unleash the Baja Blast that starts World War 3? Internet conspiracy theorist Bowtie Nebula believes that this is the truth -- do you?

humor-puzzle-mystery, ARG, multi-plat, neocities, PEPSI



The Stockroach

12/30/20, 3:42 AM

The Stockroach is an immersive narrative YouTube channel presented as a young man's attempt to provide personal finance advice through a series of screen recordings and slide shows. However, the real story is told through everything that happens in the background: documents, browser history, notes, accidental flashes on screen during the videos, details about the vlogger's personal history, experiences at school, and references to an illness and recurring dreams.

humor-psych, interactive, YT, INVEST NOW, be a moneygrub


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