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The Eternal Yard Sale

July 10, 2022 at 1:54:33 AM


humor-mystery-puzzle, ARG, multiplat, parody, sweet deals within!

As a version of Walt Whitman once said: "The multiverse is vast; it contains, that's terrible..." And it was. And you can buy the entire collection of this particular Whitman's notebooks full of awful (and unpublished) poetry for a reasonable-ish price at The Eternal Yard Sale! Each week's yard sale flyer brings new and amazing finds from other Earths and other worlds, while additional postings provide facts and trivia about how pop culture turned out in alternate realities.

Behind it all is Lady Sera, an enigmatic and powerful woman who is just as much a mystery to herself as everyone else. She pines for her own lost reality and believes it can still be saved if she can reunite a group of legends from her past. Along for the ride is a cast of characters who each have lost their own world either figuratively or literally and are on their own journeys of grief and renewal.

Through images, short fiction, and videos, The Eternal Yard Sale lays out its expansive story with multiple mysteries, encouraging everyone to dig deeper with visual cues, codes, recurring themes, and character interaction.


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