Drama Projects

dramatic circumstances and character or situation studies; focuses primarily on the human elements and effects on characters rather than the fantastic or heavy fiction elements

Assassin On the Run

An Assassin gets into some trouble on a job, and now he has to hide in the woods from the ones that are hunting him. He will need to use his survivalist skills to keep himself safe from danger.
Hopefully the one these videos are for doesn't try to find him.

drama-humor-mystery, interactive, YT, vlog-style


Expedier Tech

A mysterious company called Expedier Tech has finally allowed their employees access to the internet. They claim to make something that will change your life but won't share details. Jerold Wheatly is a scientist at Expedier Tech that has started reaching out to his friends. One of them, Luther Jones, found his twitter account and is now looking for proof on what Expedier is making and what they are hiding.

drama, interactive, multi-plat, scifi, big tech


Pompey "Pod" Carroll

Pompey “Pod” Carroll is a swamped college student trying to cope with their new vampire transformation. They live tweet their experiences as they discover new things about their vampirism, how to control it, and how to inevitably cure it. All while facing new fears about their future, a bloodthirsty vampire gang who has it out for them, and the love of their life turned vampire hunter trying to kill them with a stake.

drama-humor-horror, immersive narrative, TW, bad time to be a vampire


Stan Frederick

Stan Frederick knows a thing or two about monsters after surviving a childhood plagued by the being so many call Slenderman. Now, he's using his experience and ability to withstand paranormal circumstances to help others beat encounters with the scarier side of reality. Hop in--there are plenty of people to help (and a whole new season available now to view).

drama-horror-humor, immersive narrative, YT, slenderman, vlog-style


Broken Canvas

This series revolves around a group of high school and college students who, following a mysterious series of deaths and disappearances in their small town, uncover a paranormal secret that could spell the end of life as we know it.

drama-mystery-puzzle, interactive, multi-plat, monsters, possession


Vita Bellum

The comics follow 3 main characters; Bee, T, and Y, and takes place in a modern fantasy world affected by a mysterious illness with an unknown origin. The comics follow their story as they figure out the origin and attempt to fight it's cause.

drama-mystery, interactive, multi-plat, comic


Willow's Point

A series of ARGs and audio webseries set in the town of Willow’s Point, USA. Missing children, monsters in the woods, and a mysterious radio host at the center of it all. But this town holds a darker secret still....

drama-mystery, ARG, YT, audio, text


Last Impact

Last Impact tells the story of TManDude291, a game reviewer/former developer, trapped in his own computer by people he calls hackers. How this is possible is a mystery as well as the identity of TMan's friend Radio Head who is talked about but not really seen. The humor in this series falls in line with meta recognition of the troupes of the Unfiction world.

drama-humor-mystery, immersive narrative, YT


Who Do You See?

Lispeth is a postdoctoral physicist who begins to experience a bizarre haunting. When she accepts that these circumstances cannot be rectified with the science she understands, she looks to less conventional methods of understanding. Shortly after engaging in these practices, the situation takes a drastic turn, bringing her sister into the events.

drama-mystery-horror, interactive, TM, shadow people, learning magic


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