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Dear Clarent - A Historical Fiction ARG

3/4/24, 3:32 AM


drama, ARG, multiplat, historical fiction, detective story

Dear Clarent follows the story of two estranged detectives in 1934 who wish to rekindle their friendship through the investigation of an incident directly affected their lives: The 1914 sinking of the S.S. Clarent Rex. In doing so, they would discover truths both about their case and their own relationship. Ultimately, it was seemingly left unsolved and the evidence was scattered. The story is told through the lens of a modern day museum nonprofit aiming to piece together the legacy of the company that owned the doomed ship as well as rediscover the ultimate truth behind the tragedy. Players sift through documents, photos, audio, and utilize real-life historical context to separate the “fact” from fiction about the disaster while exploring the greatly intertwined personal lives of those involved with the ship.

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