Mystery Projects

heavy focus on a mystery, finding clues, and gaining answers for characters and audience

Mikey's Mind of Color

Mikey is an aspiring cartoonist and content creator dating back to December of 2015. In the year 2019, feeling particularly strange one day, Mikey illustrated what would become a starkly different character from his typical cartoons: a shadowy sinister figure that came to life. Mikey dubbed this anomaly "Darken", and soon after his creation, thoughts of this character began to constrict and overtake Mikey's mind like a parasite.

mystery-humor, ARG, multi-plat, drawings gone wrong



Deerwood is an Immersive Narrative heavily linked/connected to the Clickbound/Dylandummy Alternate Reality Game. It entails reading emails sent from the year 2001 intended to be read in the present day, presumably by someone from another time or even universe.

mystery-psych, immersive narrative, multi-plat, text, internet throwback


Weekly Fun Facts

Weekly Fun Facts is dedicated to giving you weekly videos packed with only the most amazing facts; everything from biology, geography, history, the Sad Man who watches you sleep and eats your dreams, animals, and so much more. Come check us out and don't forget to like and subscribe to learn more Weekly Fun Facts.

mystery-other, interactive, YT, corporate, parody, facts?


Urrezko Kaiola

Urrezko Kaiola is an ARG centering around an RPG game called Urrezko Kaiola Terminal. Every character within is sentient and can communicate with players directly. Several have twitter accounts, a few have Discord accounts, and one even runs the subreddit (/r/urrezkokaiola). After completing Chapter Zero (past the trailhead) players gain access to the Discord server, which also grants users access to each consecutive chapter of the game as they complete them.

mystery-horror-drama, ARG, game, RPG, community solver


Tyler Tredlod

Tyler Tredlod is an arg/Webseries about a teenager named Tyler trying to find his brother Ryan after a short overlooked police investigation. But things do not go to plan. Tyler becomes sick after starting the investigation and things start to spiral out of control. It spans across two YouTube channels and a Twitter account.

mystery-horror-drama, ARG, multi-plat, slenderman



A little girl enters the world of Instagram in search of friends. Equally curious and slightly helpless, she hopes to find those who can aid her in navigating the site as well as solving the mystery of her origin. Visual clues and interaction by players will provide further understanding of the narrative and will come in handy in helping her figure problems out as she encounters them.

mystery-drama, interactive, higher entities, illustrated comic, quirky


Box Elder Public Library

Two roommates deal with a flood in their apartment that they can't explain. A librarian tries to make sense of what they learned about each other.

mystery-psych, arg, website, text, flood?



Four stupid, smart kids grow up in the country. One of them has a cool, military grandfather. They end up spending a lot of time with him, because his studies match their interests. His associates work with the dumb, smart kids and find that they are capable of doing real research. The house burns down, and the only clue to the origin of the fire is a bottle of brandy found on the kitchen table.

mystery, ARG, multiplat, two-sided story


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