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Mystery Projects

heavy focus on a mystery, finding clues, and gaining answers for characters and audience


Memento Vivere!

3/8/23, 6:55 PM

The archives of a super secret race and explore the tales of the Borkoshavski Academy, a school for superhumans! A weekly updated horror-comedy-epic hodgepodge explores multiple mediums, though a handy dandy jumping off point could be found at The Olympian Archives.

mystery-horror-humor, immersive narrative, multiplat, superheroes, analog horror, prose



How-To Video Results

2/24/23, 11:20 PM

A strange and unsettling series of How-To videos from the mid 2000s and the new generation of humans who love them.

mystery-comedy-horror, immersive narrative, multiplat, how-to, early 00's, imagine all the people



Signs in My Town

2/24/23, 11:08 PM

An unemployed person has started a TikTok account. There's something they need to tell us be they can't show us directly because someone is watching. As they investigate they are forced to bury the info they find inside their seemingly benign TT channel about signs. This town is going wrong and this person wants to get to the truth, no matter how awful.

mystery, immersive narrative, TikTok, signs, everywhere a sign, multi-plat



Mysterious Nashville

2/24/23, 8:00 PM

Through a series of real-life discoveries, people in Nashville, TN were introduced to the organization that is Mysterious Nashville. The Messengers that respond to players' messages claim that they exist to curate and provide odd experiences to those open-minded enough to seek them out. Mysterious Nashville is a chance for the curious to embrace confusion, and just go on physical adventures for adventure’s sake. They are here for our benefit.

But it didn't take long for participants to learn that this organization is not always as in control as they claim to be...

mystery-puzzle-humor, ARG, website, community, live elements



The Red Sun

11/29/22, 1:50 AM

The Red Sun seeks to shine light upon all that has been kept secret since the end of the Second World War. The nuclear technology used to end World War II had unforeseen consequences—consequences that the public has been kept in the dark about for decades. The Red Sun, an organization created to combat this secrecy, broadcasts to the public to inform them about the information that the government has desperately tried to cover up.

mystery-horror, immersive, YT, old broadcasts, presidential secrecy, radiation



Relived Eternally

7/10/22, 1:34 AM

The ancient Gods have returned after centuries of absence and hibernation. Tia-Mat, the Demiurge and Ummu Hubur, brings visions of Apocalypse in the form of a planet-submerging tsunami. As the visions progress, certain ones who see them are chosen by the Gods as their "Marked," destined to help shape events and receive (possibly unwanted) attention from the Pantheon and experience the mixed blessings and curses of "may you live in interesting times."

Spanning multiple mythologies and ages, Relived Eternally tells a tale of unbreakable cycles of loss and rebirth and the shared experiences of humankind's and Gods' fates, intertwined for all time.

mystery-drama, ARG, multi-platform, apocalypse, mythology



Amber Emissary

7/10/22, 1:30 AM

Amber Emissary is the newest ARG in the "Twelve Monoliths" series of
unfiction works. Several short stories that play out in an expanded

The eponymous Amber Emissary hints toward the connection of a string
of grisly murders that push its victims to an underworld powered by
their flesh. Upon the final victim, the gates open and some of the
reformed bodies return to the world above, and suddenly, somewhere, a
strange computer boots on with a strange, repeating message.

mystery-horror, ARG, YT, Twelve Monoliths continuity



Midwich Valley Original Character Tournament

7/10/22, 12:17 AM

The Midwich Valley Original Character Tournament (or MWVOCT) is an upcoming art-anthology series where users can submit characters to fight each other in a conspiracy-laden world of atom-punks and cassette-futurism. Non-competitors and non-artists can still affect the story, and will be able to solve the secrets of the titular "Midwich Valley."

mystery-drama-puzzle, interactive project, TW, custom battle world


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