Mystery Projects

heavy focus on a mystery, finding clues, and gaining answers for characters and audience


The Taruverse

9/2/21, 9:11 AM

Lui Winter is a boy that has been raised in a cult that did unspeakable things to him. Ask him questions and interact with him to learn more about him. Piece together what happened and try to break him out of this spell he's in. Every little interaction has the chance of changing something in the story.

mystery-psych-puzzle, ARG, TW, just your average anime avatar, yup!



Let's Find Them

7/24/21, 6:49 AM

Out-of-work actor Frank Gilchrist crossed paths with an unusual British producer on the set of a TV pilot based on his life. Now, years later, Frank is investigating the disappearance of the missing producer and a friend who seems to accompany him everywhere. The search leads Frank down a rabbit hole of outlandish conspiracy theories stretching back centuries, and brings him to the attention of a terrifying organization that's all too real...

mystery, ARG, multiplat, conspiracy thriller, investigation



Upstaged Communications

7/17/21, 5:35 AM

In 2006, a titan of broadcasting named Upstaged Communications disappeared off the face of the earth, with nobody but the former employees remembering it. In 2018, a former employee named Penelope received a mysterious package, which contained a remote access key to Marionettes, the central server network of Upstaged.

Armed with the access key and the burning desire to know more, Penelope dives into the network, attempting to unearth what caused the company to shut down all those years ago, while discovering that she is not the only party interested in Upstaged Communications and the dark past the company had tried to bury.

mystery-puzzle, interactive, multiplat, analog horror



Vermillion Chronomalies

7/11/21, 4:11 AM

Zane wakes up in a pitch black bunker, unfamiliar with his surroundings and why he is here. He cannot hear the players who are watching him through The Monitor, but at certain points are allowed to input various commands through The Controller to change Zane's fate.

A sheet of paper left by his captor reveals to players that they need to guide Zane through his punishment, and that no matter what, they cannot let anybody else know of his situation. Mysteries and puzzles lie within the labyrinth ahead, and death means not the end of Zane, but of his memories.

mystery-puzzle, ARG, text adventure, multiple endings



The Realism Case

7/10/21, 3:41 AM

Garret Realism could have been considered something of an absent father. He was apparently a hard worker, but his adopted son adored him. When he went missing along a highway after an apparent car crash, Ellis is sure he must be alive. The evidence just doesn't add up.

Ellis, the determined but shy son goes to the collective mind of the internet for help, but soon after is haunted by a mysterious figure in a black and white mask, with diamond eyes and no voice. Ellis soon realizes this case is nothing normal, and now must piece together his newfound knowledge with the all too secretive information of these entities to finally solve the case and rescue his father.

mystery, ARG, multiplat, vlogstyle, multiverse



Dreambound Project

4/4/21, 5:09 AM

Picture this: you're hanging out one day, scrolling through Instagram, and an advert appears for a strange company saying they can create "perfect women". Violet Wickerman found herself in this situation and decided to sign up.

Violet has been in Intellicorp's custody since Summer of 2019. She is the first perfect woman. Her sister, Auburn, noticed how sketchy this seemed. She's dedicated her life to trying to save Violet from this evil corporation, but Violet seems to have Stockholm syndrome. Will Auburn succeed in this quest? Only time will tell.

mystery-psych, ARG, multi-plat, experimentation, homestuck, corpo




3/22/21, 3:54 AM

A woman wakes up in an eerily empty bedroom space in the dark. She can't remember her name. She finds a phone underneath the bed and, using the light, realizes she is bleeding. She tries to get help, but the doors are locked. If she tries to open the window blinds or turn on the lights she is faced with immense pain. She uses the phone flashlight to look in the mirror and does not recognize the reflection. As she looks on the phone, she realizes there is one app: TikTok.

mystery, ARG, TikTok, femininity, trauma, grief, Jewish



Mikey's Mind of Color

2/26/21, 3:12 AM

Mikey is an aspiring cartoonist and content creator dating back to December of 2015. In the year 2019, feeling particularly strange one day, Mikey illustrated what would become a starkly different character from his typical cartoons: a shadowy sinister figure that came to life. Mikey dubbed this anomaly "Darken", and soon after his creation, thoughts of this character began to constrict and overtake Mikey's mind like a parasite.

mystery-humor, ARG, multi-plat, drawings gone wrong