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Cradle of Thought and Omen Archives

3/4/24, 1:02 AM


mystery, interactive project, multiplat, spooky archives, multimedia

The Cradle of Thought and Omen is an organization dedicated to the successful documentation of Omens that have been overlooked or forgotten in the past. Omens, or paranormal events that have taken place on Earth, have caused quite a shift in recent years, unfortunately pointing to an increase in their presence. To make matters worse, a culmination of them has been discovered somewhere at this time. The organization’s goal is to gain and publish information so that they are closer to understanding and documenting what eludes them.

Just recently was the first Omen captured. Going by Sterling Wolfson, this omen was truly unusual in how he both lived and died, obsessed with the creation of a book that would “reveal the truth.” Sadly, when this omen lost his mortal life, another omen was born, carrying the same curse to create. This has led to a multi-decade chase in understanding one’s true nature when faced with chilling circumstances and what it means to finally have “something” answer your calls. Where one life ends, another begins. Unfortunately, it’s just the beginning.

This will be a three-part puzzle following each omen with your lovely host, The Curator.

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