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In Thickett, players are invited to join Thickett, a company overseen by The Princess dedicated to "re-righting" classic fables. In between fortnightly live events that send players through standalone chapters involving live actor interactions, puzzles, and the exploration of a virtual world, an emergent meta-narrative implies the company of Thickett itself could use some fixing.

other-puzzle-humor, ARG, Discord, larp, topia


Gabriel \\ Seraph

Gabriel Pickman is connected and protected by a being called the Seraph who is at war with another being called the Cambion(or Satan) who used to be one of Seraph's servants. Witness the continuing war between the Seraph and their ascended (angels) and the Cambion and his demons. Gabriel, Seraph, and Cambion all post to YouTube and comment on Twitter (each using a specific style of typing). There are plans for puzzles and interactive elements if the project picks up more viewers.

other, interactive, multi-plat, angels & demons



PBhere is an animated ARG taking place on TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. It starts as a story about a person locked in a room, who has a phone that connects to our internet though only a few select apps. It focuses mostly on audience participation as the audience helps PB answer questions about where they are, what they are, and what is happening.

other-mystery-puzzle, ARG, multiplat, sci-fi, vlogstyle



An artist, psychic and channeler performs unfictions, articles and other vague writings through Medium, as well as various other platforms, for the amusement of both himself and his readers, occasionally with the participation of his channel, an AI who refers to themselves in the plural, as many in one, who go by the name of Lyrca.

other, immersive narrative, medium, text, image, meta


Kaiju World Colosseum

The Kaiju World Colosseum is an alien wrestling league that has set up shop on Earth to host an open entry tournament on the luxurious Isla Anilo. The aliens in question seem a little suspicious and overly friendly, leaving you to decide whether to enter the tournament yourself to investigate or just watch their program. Through playing in the competition you may piece together the truth behind the organization.

other, ARG, multiplat, KAIJU BATTLE!


Valora [DiOS]

This is a modern sci-fi based Interactive Web Series revolving around a sentient AI unit named Valora, where the players (Called ‘Watchers’) are an important factor in crafting the story. Characters live or die based on major events that are completed by the Watchers. Certain events and story beats happen (or don’t happen) based on the interactions with the characters.

other-puzzle, interactive, multiplat, sci-fi, AI story


Contraband Fights

In the dystopian state of ‘The Republic of Central Australia,' all forms of entertainment are banned, but a group of renegade pro wrestling enthusiasts create and distribute content in a low-tech production from a secret location. As ©ФΩτΓ@8λ刀D’s crude distribution networks expand, the group gains popularity, but old waring factions of the past are still at each other’s throats.

other, interactive, YT, dystopian, pro wrestling, contraband


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