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primary theme or focus that doesn't fall in line with the listed genres or can't be described/indexed easily


Open Your Eyes

11/30/22, 8:54 PM

"After replacing the former host of a conspiracy theory radio show, Vic's beliefs become challenged as he starts to unravel a conspiracy much larger than anything covered on the show."

Open Your Eyes is an Unfiction Audio Drama that will upload new episodes every Thursday throughout its first 10-week season. Viewers will be able to tune in and listen as the story unfolds throughout the coming weeks in real-time. Open Your Eyes' innovative take on radio-based serials uses carefully crafted soundscapes to ensnare viewers in a realistic sci-fi conspiracy, leaving the visuals up to the viewer's imagination.

other, immersive narrative, multi-plat, scifi, audio drama, radio serial



PHOBOS Chapter 1

4/29/22, 6:06 PM

What are YOU afraid of? The question is crucial to this musical, 1950s-inspired interactive project, presented by and starring the whimsical Johnathan C. Eldritch (a character brought to life with a combination of traditional 2D animation and practical animatronics). Johnathan’s status as a ‘god of fear’ comes into question when he decides to physically remove all fear from the planet! PHOBOS inverts the usual Lovecraftian story of a human going insane at the sight of mad gods as Johnathan’s PSA broadcast is continuously interrupted by Timothy Easton, an amateur detective with unclear motives.

The series spans multiple platforms, telling a frightfully fun story using 2D animation, shadowbox theatre, puppets, animatronics, a POLYBIUS arcade machine, stop motion, live action, and music!

other-humor-horror, ARG, multi-plat, musical, retro, lovecraftian



Walrus' Tales

10/19/21, 3:30 PM

When a book appears on Walrus' door during a stream, strange events begin to transpire. What starts as things keeping him awake and strange things in his apartment, quickly transforms into a haunting that is all too personal. A live ARG that will be part of an anthology series on Twitch.

other-mystery, ARG, Twitch, anthology



A. Dawn

8/26/21, 6:42 AM

After experiencing recurring dreams about a living city, I've begun to compile a repository of dream journals from myself and others having similar experiences. The entries incorporate art based on the experiences, as well as quotes and standout moments that are remembered upon waking. I hope that by compiling these instances, we may be able to discover patterns, in/consistencies, or some sort of meaning to make sense of what is happening to us, if not why it's happening at all.

other-psych-horror, wordpress, text, image, dream journal, incubation



The Cafe and Diner

7/25/21, 12:40 AM

The Cafe and Diner Archives is a public repository of the various decrypted reports on Cryptids and Demons made by the Cafe and Diner from 1988 to the present. Patrons (players) are encouraged to explore the ever-expanding Archives and piece together the many interconnected storylines of the CaD's many adventures.

other-puzzle-humor, immersive narrative, cryptids and demons, y'all want hashbrowns with that?




1/4/21, 12:51 AM

In Thickett, players are invited to join Thickett, a company overseen by The Princess dedicated to "re-righting" classic fables. In between fortnightly live events that send players through standalone chapters involving live actor interactions, puzzles, and the exploration of a virtual world, an emergent meta-narrative implies the company of Thickett itself could use some fixing.

other-puzzle-humor, ARG, Discord, larp, topia



Gabriel \\ Seraph

12/30/20, 4:06 AM

Gabriel Pickman is connected and protected by a being called the Seraph who is at war with another being called the Cambion(or Satan) who used to be one of Seraph's servants. Witness the continuing war between the Seraph and their ascended (angels) and the Cambion and his demons. Gabriel, Seraph, and Cambion all post to YouTube and comment on Twitter (each using a specific style of typing). There are plans for puzzles and interactive elements if the project picks up more viewers.

other, interactive, multi-plat, angels & demons




11/23/20, 12:20 PM

PBhere is an animated ARG taking place on TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. It starts as a story about a person locked in a room, who has a phone that connects to our internet though only a few select apps. It focuses mostly on audience participation as the audience helps PB answer questions about where they are, what they are, and what is happening.

other-mystery-puzzle, ARG, multiplat, sci-fi, vlogstyle


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