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PHOBOS Chapter 1

April 29, 2022 at 6:06:26 PM


other-humor-horror, ARG, multi-plat, musical, retro, lovecraftian

What are YOU afraid of? The question is crucial to this musical, 1950s-inspired interactive project, presented by and starring the whimsical Johnathan C. Eldritch (a character brought to life with a combination of traditional 2D animation and practical animatronics). Johnathan’s status as a ‘god of fear’ comes into question when he decides to physically remove all fear from the planet! PHOBOS inverts the usual Lovecraftian story of a human going insane at the sight of mad gods as Johnathan’s PSA broadcast is continuously interrupted by Timothy Easton, an amateur detective with unclear motives.

The series spans multiple platforms, telling a frightfully fun story using 2D animation, shadowbox theatre, puppets, animatronics, a POLYBIUS arcade machine, stop motion, live action, and music!

With over 25 videos of original content, a complete musical soundtrack, and a second chapter quickly approaching, PHOBOS has gathered players through its large-scale story, multimedia puzzles, real-world interactive elements, and memorable characters and visuals. There are many secrets still yet to be uncovered…

As Johnathan’s often-repeated sign off says, “There’s nothing to lose but fear itself!






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