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November 29, 2022 at 1:58:20 AM


psych-mystery-puzzle, interactive project, YT, ARG

DIOGENES is a story about past selves, computer coding, random chance, and vulnerability. DIOGENES follows herbe in the present day as a sentient AI (~sun) and a chaos spirit (LULU) fight for control to narrate DIO's story to herbe. DIO was caught in the crossfire between ~moon (another sentient AI) and LULU as ~moon experimented with using computer code to directly manipulate humans. ~sun wants to show herbe what happened because herbe still has a shot of helping DIO in his timeline, but ~sun is repeating many of the same patterns that ~moon did which sent DIO into a spiral. LULU fought for DIO's safety but had to break his sense of reality in order to save him. LULU is trying to prevent that for herbe this time, but ~sun is stubborn and has ulterior motives in revealing this story to herbe.

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