drama-humor-horror, immersive narrative, YT, game playthrough, love, discovery, soup of the day

In this webseries, the player - named Will - journeys through far more than just the game. It becomes increasingly evident that a certain life experience, related to this game, is immensely affecting him to this day. Due to that, coupled with his connection to the game's creator, playing the game is a massive undertaking for him - one that he may not even be emotionally equipped for.

The game's creator isn't shy with their own struggles, stuffing the game with disturbing events, social commentary, and seething personal messages. The game may be made for Will, but sometimes the line seems to blur between that purpose and a desperate, mortal scream for help. Or...perhaps just screaming, and allowing the game to catch the sounds.

Will also runs a Twitter account, sharing additional thoughts, experiences, and details related to his journey through this personally manufactured fever dream.


This is a story about love, grief, divergence, introspection, the human condition, and being alive. Can Will grow from this experience? Can you?

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