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Creature Collection

July 10, 2023 at 5:35:25 AM


horror-mystery, ARG, YouTube, creepy gaming

Creature Collection is essentially two games in one and is just one part of a Horror project. Creature Chat and The Collection are both games that seem like fairly normal concepts. The first one involves asking questions to the game character, the creature. At first, the answers are fairly normal. The thing is, though, at one point things start to seem a bit off. The creature is now asking you questions and acting a bit different than a normal video game character would act.

In The Collection, you collect raindrops and there's not too much strange about that. The thing is, though, there is the fact that the raindrops turn red. Oh and there's a bar counter that fills up in each section of the game. There's not much of an indication, though, as to what exactly it's for. Not at least until later in the game. Also, in both games, things start to get strange at some point. For instance, the creature asks you to free it from the game and the screen starts flickering.

Once the ending of the game is reached, there's a website to visit that has it's own story to play through and set of information. At first it may not seem like these two are connected, but as you go through the different pages of the website, you start to realize they are. There's also the big question of what exactly is going on.

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