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Curious Lorelai

April 29, 2022 at 6:54:39 PM


horror-mystery-psych, ARG, YT, found footage

Curious Lorelai was just a lonely little girl when she met Flower, an ancient evil that attached itself to her innocence. To ensure that nothing would come between them, Flower created a place called the Veil; an endless alternate reality catered towards Lorelai and the things she loves. It’s hard to imagine that she would ever want to leave, however, Lorelai finds herself growing lonelier and lonelier as time passes. In an effort to quell her loneliness, Lorelai tries to make friends with the outside world Flower has kept her from – but instead, she unravels the secrets of the Veil, quickly finding out that everything around her is a lie meant to trap her.

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