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Find the Undertow

February 24, 2023 at 8:32:27 PM


horror-mystery-psych, immersive, TW, otherworld, surreal, literary, theslitinthegoatseyes

"Looking out over the town, mostly black. Beyond darkness. Like a charcoal fog, a thick smoke soup made of shadow. Here and there parts of buildings stick out of the darkness; the corner of a roof, a single window, a haunting empty door frame. Ribs jut out of a torn chest cavity."

Messages blink onto the screen from the void of an alternate realm, where a man struggles to survive the permanent feared dark, and map out the rules - if any - of a world without time and seemingly without mercy, where the dark is a fog-like substance with a malevolent intelligence and things shift in the blackness...

Find the Undertow is an ongoing literary unfiction project showcasing surreal descriptive writing and a gripping narrative. Firmly in the alternate-weird-version-of-our-own-world subgenre of horror, FtU aims to bring a universe to life through the short-form, text-based medium of Twitter posts. So if you like good writing, short form mediums you can dip in and out of as life dictates, unfiction weirdness and a general sense of unease, please consider clicking below and entering the void.

We'd love to have you.

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