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November 29, 2023 at 6:35:46 AM


horror-mystery, immersive narrative, YT, lofi horror, nostalgia

In October of 1995, in a dying industrial city in western Tennessee, two mysterious packages arrive at the office of the local newspaper. The contents of these packages will unearth long-buried secrets about the city's greatest tragedy, a poison gas attack on a popular roller rink in the late 1970s. Soon the darkness that's creeping through Tanis will become suffocating, and those who encounter it will face grave revelations about the eerie power of memory and trauma, and about the nature of the past itself.

1 (onset): Grief counselor Allison Clark has severed ties with her past and fled her haunted hometown of Tanis, but what about the strange ephemera she's left behind?

2 (remember): A 911 transcript and a scrapbook of lost impressions dot the Gem Castle's breadcrumb trail. Allison confronts a mystery in a disturbing audio cassette.

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