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Murfreesboro Banshee Truth

November 16, 2023 at 8:51:18 PM


horror-mystery, interactive project, YT, paranormal investigation, banshee hunting

"Murfreesboro Banshee Truth" is a YouTube Channel hosted by a student of Middle Tennessee State University, named Red. The disappearance of previous investigators Blue and White, hosts of the "Murfreesboro Banshee Archive" YouTube Channel," due to mysterious circumstances has inspired Red to take on his own investigation of the alleged phantom.

The Murfreesboro Banshee is believed to be a ghostly figure, covered head to toe in midnight black. Her most notable traits are her shrill, ear piercing wails and screams, which both Blue and Red successfully document.

Red leaves posters all over MTSU campus promoting his channel and constantly asks locals of the area to submit any evidence, descriptions, or experiences with the creature to his email, He features submissions any chance he can on the channel.

However, as the investigation has picked up speed, it seems Red himself is becoming the Banshee's new target. If he's not careful, he may fall victim to the same fate as those before him.

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