My Name is Sam


horror-mystery, immersive narrative, YT, shadow people, haunting

All Sam wanted to do one afternoon was clean the basement--he didn't mean to find a working old Polaroid in the mess, but once he did, he couldn't help but take a few pictures. Now, things seem to be going less than stellar at home, and Sam has taken to recording the circumstances following a very strange picture taken with what should be a very ordinary camera.

Sam's first attempt at outreach actually occurred on Reddit, where he posted to r/Polaroid and r/ScaryPictures:

In the wake of little to no response to his inquiry, Sam makes his channel and uploads his first video, "Polaroid," to discuss the situation and see if there's any better chance at responses via YouTube while providing further explanation for any Reddit onlookers. More videos come shortly after, illustrating how this may be a case that's deeper than just a picture.

As of this writing, Sam is up to four uploads and maintains a Twitter account you can follow for live updates:

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