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Raven's Eyes

September 22, 2020 at 7:55:46 AM


horror-psych-puzzle, interactive, YT, found broadcast, existential crisis

Transmissions received dictate the existence of the multiverse and the beings who sent said transmissions are already here. Follow a series of multiple versions of Jason Deth as they uncover the truth about their existence and try to remove their curse. Be careful though, the Ravens are coming. The collective won’t be happy.

Listen to the secrets that they share and search for clues and info with them to help them succeed or to kill their entire operation. Jason #05129 already has a massive team set up in the background ever since he made his first discoveries. You can be part of their field research team (The Hunters) or you can simply watch and listen from the shadows. Beware however, the Ravens do not like that their information is being shared publicly. The Blood Ravens are also loose and will get their own information by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Happy hunting and stay safe. Caw Caw.

Raven's Eyes Playlist:

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