The Waves Were Crashing Below


horror-mystery, interactive, multiplat, who am I?

The Waves Were Crashing Below is a horror/mystery interactive project. It starts off with a person named Jordan's memories and identity being destroyed, with them seeking revenge; however, it quickly grows into something much larger, involving a deity, a horrible monster, a murderous organization, and a twisted reality that tries to trap all that enter it.

For what it will entail for audiences, it's a complicated horror mystery story that requires people to think and make connections; however, rather than focusing on convoluted plot for the sake of convoluted plot, it's more about the emotions of various characters, and exploring how the situations they're in effect them, and how that makes them react. It's not a thing for people who like heavy puzzles or want tons of cool shots, even if they are peppered throughout the thing. It's primarily a sit back and enjoy experience, but there is extracurricular content that the viewer can look for if they want to become a player, which includes codes, website crawling, and Secret Stuff(tm).

The series is multi-platform, but the bulk of the experience is on YouTube. As for everything it's on: there's two YouTube channels, two tumblrs, a twitter, and a website. Here is the order they appear in the story:

Identity Lost channel:
Radiant Society Study tumblr:
Identity Reconstruction Project channel:
Identity Reconstruction Project website:
Bernard Dufort twitter:
The Waves Were Crashing Below tumblr:

It is worth mentioning that this project is COMPLETE.

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