3st Eye Podcast


humor-psych, immersive narrative, audio, podcast, honor thy Mother

The 3st Eye Podcast features anonymous agents pondering the nature of our reality and visualizing ideal futures through conversation and cultural criticism.

The Agents record the podcast in between secret missions with the goal of opening eyes around the world in order to awaken The Mother Eye.

The Mother Eye is their guide that delivers truth that they deliver to their followers through conversation. She is both a paranormal being, god, their parent, and their cult leader. They drop hints about her and the wisdom they receive so they can both critique our society's culture while actively participating in it in their own absurd new age culture they have crafted through the show. They reference ancient wisdom mixed with modern humor and relatable cultural analysis. Each episode pulls back a layer of reality and provides hints to a bigger narrative surrounding The Agents mission to awaken The Mother Eye.

Additional Links: Linktr.ee/3stEye

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