The Stockroach


humor-psych, interactive, YT, INVEST NOW, be a moneygrub

The Stockroach is an immersive narrative YouTube channel. The videos present themselves as a young man's attempt at creating a personal finance advice channel, in the form of a series of screen recordings and slide shows. However, the real story is told through everything that happens in the background: In the documents, browser history, notes, etc. that he accidentally flashes on screen during the videos, details about the vlogger's personal history, experiences at school, and references to an illness and recurring dreams are revealed.

In addition to the YouTube channel, The Stockroach has a presence on Twitter, where he interacts with followers and obliquely introduces story content; Reddit, where he posts on art and Japanese language learning forums; and DeviantArt, where he posts his drawings. The bulk of the story is told on YouTube, but the other profiles provide lots of hilarious and occasionally disturbing details.

The channel:




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