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A Look Into Carroll Cove

11/10/23, 4:09 PM


mystery-humor, ARG, YT, animation, parody

This art project is a look into a small yet strange town filled with anomalies, where the paranormal happens on a day to day basis. However, no one seems to care, except for a librarian who is tasked to talk about the town's history for its 154th anniversary being hosted by the library. The project is akin to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion and Gravity Falls. It is presented as a short daily vlog with episodes exploring a singular topic from different aspects of Carroll Cove which ultimately acts as a backstory to our vtuber lore and other projects we plan on making in the future centered around this town.

Additional Details:

The project blends mystery, humor, with hints of parody and homages to other projects that we enjoy. Our project is mainly based on Youtube and with interactions in the form of codes that pop up later on. We also respond to comments to further flesh out the story. Though this may be a project for an October writing prompt, this will continue to branch off to other storytellings in the unfiction world of Carroll Cove and Koffeine.

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