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12/27/20, 8:43 PM


mystery-drama, interactive, higher entities, illustrated comic, quirky

A little girl enters the world of Instagram in search of friends, something she lacks in her own world of gray. Equally curious and slightly helpless, she hopes to find those who can aid her in navigating the site as well as solving the mystery of her origin. This is an illustrated, interactive project that asks for player participation in aiding (and befriending) Bighead through her journey. Visual clues and interaction by players will provide further understanding of the narrative and will come in handy in helping her figure problems out as she encounters them.

The main story begins with a comic-style narrative of Bighead waking from a bad dream, eventually realizing she is "back". Excited for the gray tones she now possesses and for the opportunity to make new friends, she hints about the "Lady" who's helped her. The Lady also seems to want to instruct her on what to do/post, but hasn't yet shown herself. Bighead isn't keen on following these rules for long.

A post showing Bighead's face juxtaposed over notebook doodles gets an adverse reaction from an eyedee2020 account. Eyedee2020's posts (supplemental story) are of these doodles, slowly being pieced together along with eyedee2020's own ramblings. Bighead has bouts of sadness about her situation, and has only acknowledged eye2020 in passing, but is currently excited to show the rest of her world with others.

Side Story Instagram:

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