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Casual Kiwi YGO

9/6/20, 12:34 PM


mystery-horror-puzzle, interactive, YT, Yu-Gi-Oh project?!, subtitles

Kiwi creates Yu-Gi-Oh! videos with the help of his Editor/Girlfriend Silent M. She has been brought back from the dead, and exhibits increasing hostility towards Kiwi. As time passes more of her supernatural power is revealed, as well as Kiwi's own manifesting abilities. The clock is ticking for them, and a series of life and death duels between the two has been inevitable.

Within the project are two codes, a series of 10 purple dice and 11 blue sleeved cards that appear throughout. Solving both of these will unlock secret content which can affect the end game. Kiwi has also asked for advice for the duels to come and Silent M wants people to create videos that uncover the secrets of the series. The level of community engagement through such means can also affect the end game.

Discussion Discord:

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