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3/22/21, 3:54 AM


mystery, ARG, TikTok, femininity, trauma, grief, Jewish

A woman wakes up in a room. It is an eerily empty bedroom space and it is dark. She can't remember her name. She finds a phone underneath the bed and using the light she realizes she is bleeding. She tries to get help, but the doors are locked. If she tries to open the window blinds or turn on the lights she is faced with immense pain. She uses the phone flashlight to look in the mirror and does not recognize the reflection. As she looks on the phone, she realizes there is one app: TikTok.

Doorislocked is an ARG where a woman is locked in a room with a phone with only TikTok on it. She is bleeding and in a great deal of pain. She has no memory of her life or even her name. The experience is interactive and all actions taken by the protagonist are guided by the comments left on the videos. The way that the protagonist gains the attention of those on TikTok is by asking them for help in their comment sections. If players gain the trust of the protagonist they will become her "friends" and be privy to friends only content. The entire ARG is one character, one space.

This ARG will force you to confront uncomfortable subjects and interact with other players to solve.

CWs: fake blood, mental health, grief.


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