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Dreambound Project

4/4/21, 5:09 AM


mystery-psych, ARG, multi-plat, experimentation, homestuck, corpo

Picture this: you're hanging out one day, scrolling through Instagram, when an advert appears for a strange company saying they can create "perfect women". Violet Wickerman found herself in this situation one day, and decided to sign up.

Violet has been in Intellicorp's custody since Summer of 2019. She is the first perfect woman. Her sister, Auburn, noticed how... sketchy this seemed. She's dedicated her life to trying to save Violet from this evil corporation, but Violet seems to have stockholm syndrome. Will Auburn succeed in this quest? Only time will tell.

Kalius Miazma is a disgruntled member of a trollian society on a planet adjacent to Earth. This planet is dystopian, as are most trollian planets. But this planet has two governing bodies, one empire run by the vicious seadwellers, and one minisociety run by a company known as Catacombis.

Catacombis and Intellicorp have similar goals, having both descended from a cult on Earth. However, there's a disease. A glitch, if you will. An Impurity, they've called it.

Violet, Auburn, Mark, Kalius, Memphi, and Ociela are all affected by strange events on these two planets, all relating to these two companies. What will happen next? Well, that's for you to help decide.

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