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11/22/20, 11:24 AM


mystery, ARG, multiplat, two-sided story

Four stupid, smart kids grow up in the country. One of them has a cool, military grandfather. They end up spending a lot of time with him, because his studies match their interests. His associates work with the dumb, smart kids and find that they are capable of doing real research. The house burns down, and the only clue to the origin of the fire is an unexplained bottle of brandy that was found on the kitchen table. The fire is deemed a freak accident by the police. No one is blamed. A second fire occurs just a year later and the cool grandfather is blamed for both it and the first fire, retrospectively. The associates begin working for the rich girl's father and leave the cool grandfather by himself.

The dumb, smart kids continue to help the old man, replacing his former staff. They discover something obscenely interesting and branch off into focus groups. One of the girls shows a secret thing to one of the dumb boys. The cool grandfather thinks that the dumb boy can help. They work together. A sweet goth starts diving into strange sciences. The cool grandpa discourages it. Something bad happens amongst the group. The cool grandpa dies. Something happens to a mother. The dumb boy knows what needs to be done and takes over the group. Someone does something bad. Worse things happen to various people. The dumb boy changes his diet and stops sleeping. He finds a secret. They get close to a breakthrough. Everyone separates. Everyone is devastated. The dumb boy keeps studying. He finds a way. He starts forming a new group. The new group are what I call "the Phoenixes", because we rose from the ashes of those fires.

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