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Hiding in My Home

9/8/20, 1:53 AM


mystery-horror-puzzle, interactive project, YT, investigation, illness, revenge

A young man uploads videos that suggest he is being followed by a group of supernatural entities. Over time, his status as a reliable narrator is increasingly called into question. To make matters worse, shortly thereafter, the very last person he wanted to discover the YouTube channel does so – and does a lot more.

The web series will be comprehensible to viewers if they simply watch the videos in the playlist as they are uploaded, but there are certain codes, symbols, and subtle visual clues that can be deciphered, which will increase viewer understanding. The project leans heavily into horror tones as well, and can most accurately be labeled a mystery-horror-puzzle interactive project.

There also exists an official Twitter account, which is not essential to the story but provides some supplementary information that fleshes out the plot and the characters.

Twitter account:

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