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9/6/20, 12:50 PM


mystery, interactive, multi-plat, audio, text

Kin is a series about things that do not exist, and things that relate to it have seemingly no connection. The web-series is presented in a similar way to videos made for Night Mind, Reignbot, and others, but the topics are things that are even more fictional.

Start with the videos, then there are the posts available here:

The Kinland website's blog posts are from the point of view of a young man who relies a bit too heavily on easy to break ciphers to encrypt his posts. These posts are optional, but they are enjoyable in their own
right, as long as you don't mind having to bust through ciphers.

Twitter posts are by the writer of the webseries, and DMs from the writer of the blogposts. Your interactions do effect the blogposts.

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