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Let's Find Them

7/24/21, 6:49 AM


mystery, ARG, multiplat, conspiracy thriller, investigation

Out-of-work actor Frank Gilchrist crossed paths with an unusual British producer on the set of a TV pilot based on his life. Now, years later, Frank is investigating the disappearance of the missing producer and a friend who seems to accompany him everywhere. The search leads Frank down a rabbit hole of outlandish conspiracy theories stretching back centuries, and brings him to the attention of a terrifying organization that's all too real...

The first episode is, where we meet our main character, Frank. The rest of the series can be watched at

Just before episode 9, it is worth watching from the channel created for the key character Darren Pearce, and also watching after the final episode of the main Let's Find Them saga. If viewers are interested, they can view the rest of Darren's videos at his channel ( to fill in some gaps from the main LFT series.

The final part of the entire saga, to date, is available at, serving as an epilogue to Let's Find Them featuring characters aware of Frank's existence, and alluded to in Darren Pearce's videos, and showing the impact of events covered in the main LFT series. From there, people will be able to discover the other videos on the channel ( that focuses on the 2 main characters, Barry and Oscar, that Frank has been trying to find. It will also help to answer any questions they might have from the main series, and fill in any gaps in the story. Viewers can enjoy just the main LFT series if they want to, but viewing these other channels offers them the full immersive experience. - a twitter account for Frank that ran concurrently as the LFT series unfolded. - Frank's reddit account, providing some interesting supplementary information and background on him, which took place as the series was unfolding. - the channel for Nightmare Hole, a fictional TV show that takes place in the universe of Let's Find Them, and is visually referenced throughout multiple videos across the main LFT channel and the side channels for Darren Pearce and Barry & Oscar.

Events that take place in this show are referenced in news broadcasts in the LFT series.

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