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Mikey's Mind of Color

2/26/21, 3:12 AM


mystery-humor, ARG, multi-plat, drawings gone wrong

"MikeyLugojr", more commonly known as "Mikey", is an aspiring cartoonist and content creator dating back to December of 2015. In the year 2019, feeling particularly strange one day, Mikey illustrated what would become a starkly different character from his typical cartoons; a shadowy sinister figure that came to life. Mikey dubbed this anomaly "Darken", and soon after his creation, thoughts of this character began to constrict and overtake Mikey's mind like a parasite; attempting to overthrow control of his sanity. Since these events have transpired, Darken has spread across Mikey's social feeds, searching for more victims. Follow his tracks in "Mikey's Minds Of Color" as the story unravels, but be warned, as Darken could warp your mind as well...

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