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Monarch's 52

7/30/20, 6:19 PM


mystery-drama-puzzle, interactive, YT, SCP project, major interactivity

A childhood love, a group of inseparable friends, and a sudden and heartbreaking loss—Jameson Henry’s life could not be more complicated. After isolating himself from his friends to process his grief, the depression-stricken man seeks out therapy, where he is instructed to vent his frustrations and sorrows to the faceless masses of the internet. In doing so, he unknowingly puts himself in the way of a mysterious agent of the so-called SCP Foundation, making him a prime target due to his girlfriend’s mysterious past.

Now, Jameson must count on the help of an entity known solely as Omega, who seems to know everything about him and his past. As time goes on, our own minds are opened to the most well-kept secrets of our world, as Omega begins to share data from the Foundation in the form of videos, audio recordings, and written documents. Jameson (and the audience) must use these pieces of information to figure out how to prevent what Omega calls “a possible future” of death, desolation, and war—a future that ends with the Monarchs reigning supreme.

Running since October 14th, 2017, Monarch’s 52 is the very first live-action webseries/ARG of the SCPverse, featuring a new and original canon for the Foundation, and crossing over with other universes, like Michael Wisner’s Recollect Universe.

It included live player-character interactions via both Discord and Twitter, logic puzzles, and tests of knowledge of extreme difficulty, all leading up to a live finale where all of the decisions made by both the audience and the actors of the show came to a head.

In the Monarch’s 52 Official Discord, newcomers will be greeted by a warm, welcoming, and kind community, built around mutual trust and a drive to save the world. In there they will find extensive and in-depth records, documenting in extreme detail every step of Jameson’s journey, as well as die-hard members of the Legion (the show’s main character-led, audience-composed, in-game faction) ready to teach and explain all the intricacies of the first Season of Monarch’s 52.

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