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Relived Eternally

7/10/22, 1:34 AM


mystery-drama, ARG, multi-platform, apocalypse, mythology

The ancient Gods have returned after centuries of absence and hibernation. Tia-Mat, the Demiurge and Ummu Hubur, brings visions of Apocalypse in the form of a planet-submerging tsunami. As the visions progress, certain ones who see them are chosen by the Gods as their "Marked," destined to help shape events and receive (possibly unwanted) attention from the Pantheon and experience the mixed blessings and curses of "may you live in interesting times."

Spanning multiple mythologies and ages, Relived Eternally tells a tale of unbreakable cycles of loss and rebirth and the shared experiences of humankind's and Gods' fates, intertwined for all time.

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