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The B.E.G. Mystery

7/10/23, 7:42 AM


mystery, ARG, multiplat, multiverse, minecraft, humorous

The B.E.G is an information hub that collects information about other universes to prepare multiverse travellers for the chaos and dangers of the multiverse. However, when the B.E.G start researching a universe known as Freiyon, odd messages and codes start to appear on records/videos and even on their official website, left behind by what appears to be two unknown sources. It's the job of the audience to help the B.E.G founders to discover the identity of the two people, how they are connected, what their plans are, and tell the Founders about it in order to move the story along. It is an ongoing ARG that is going to be long and involve alot of picking up information about different stories or universes in order to piece together the mystery. It currently takes place majorly on youtube and on the B.E.G website (which is currently hidden itself!) and eventually Instagram will be included.

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