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The Freddy Clark Anomaly

7/9/22, 7:24 PM


mystery-drama-psych, ARG, multi-platform, found footage

"The Freddy Clark Anomaly" is a multi-media ARG that begins with one TV Pilot ("Freddy Clark's Existential Crisis") and includes two 45-minute short films, a handful of ~5-minute short films, one feature film, another TV Pilot, and one novel, all unlockable through participation.

A college student, Freddy Clark, is back in town for Halloween and sneaks into a Frat party to reconnect with his best friends from high school, but soon finds that everything is a bit weirder than when he left, especially when a drugged-out girl, "The Groundhog," corners him in the bathroom, saying she's lived the day over and over a thousand times and that he's the only hope to save the entire universe.

Trailhead: 1-(706)-600-2431



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