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The Insane Reviews

9/22/20, 5:54 AM


mystery-drama-puzzle, interactive, YT, alternate realms, higher entities

Life was simple for pre-teen/teenager Eugene, going under the alias of "The Insane Gamer" (TIG).

He started off uploading videos revolving around game reviews, primarily; it almost seems like...a normal channel that a 12 or 13 year old would make. But things get strange; entities of almost extraplanar proportions get involved, some having good intentions and some with bad, but all of which reveal things about TIG that he had wanted to keep a secret. From here, the channel turns into a series of videos documenting TIG's experiences with the various entities, and going to several different realms, to get answers about the personal questions plaguing his psyche.

Active since August 20th, 2015, and several years later, after a shocking realization about the protagonist's true identity, Eugene is out to find more answers about his situation. The channel serves as a way of venting at this point; giving Eugene some space to recall his personal experiences and grievances about everything that is happening. As things continue, the end goal of all of this becomes more clear and yet raises more questions: Two particular entities, <IHZALO>, and a more mysterious one just named [REDACTED], seemingly on opposite ends of a conflict, are going against each other, whether it be for control, or just to prove a point. It seems clear at first who to trust, but as the walls in this mystery close more and more, that clarity shatters in an instant, and confusion only persists.

At the end of it all, the most important question is just what Eugene's place in this scenario actually is, and if he even matters that much at all to those he's supposed to be looking up to. What is more true: Fear, or Preservation? He'll just have to find out for himself.

You can choose to experience this one of two ways: Either start from the very beginning (Transition One) and learn the events of 2015-2018 that way, or start a little later (Transition Two), where the events of Transition One will be summarized in the first few videos and you can catch up more quickly.

Transition One (Done.):

Transition Two (Ongoing.):

The YT channel for TIR provides all the main information you need to know, but here are a few other related accounts:

Twitter (supplementary/world building material):

And a Discord (place for puzzles from the entities; puzzles unlock video/information as a headstart.):

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