Upstaged Communications

7/17/21, 5:35 AM


mystery-puzzle, interactive, multiplat, analog horror

In 2006, a titan of broadcasting named Upstaged Communications disappeared off the face of the earth, with nobody but the former employees remembering it. In 2018, a former employee named Penelope received a mysterious package, which contained a remote access key to Marionettes, the central server network of Upstaged.

Armed with the access key and the burning desire to know more, Penelope dives into the network, attempting to unearth what caused the company to shut down all those years ago, while discovering that she is not the only party interested in Upstaged Communications and the dark past the company had tried to bury.

Upstaged Communications is a multi-media project that has both a blog and a YouTube channel. It is primarily story-driven, delivering pieces of a puzzle that build a grander picture. Puzzles are limited, but will occasionally appear. Direct interaction with story elements is not necessary to experience the story, but it is encouraged, and will reward you with further information and puzzle pieces to work from. The blog and YouTube channel contain equal amounts of the story.