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Vermillion Chronomalies

7/11/21, 4:11 AM


mystery-puzzle, ARG, text adventure, multiple endings

Zane wakes up in a pitch black bunker, unfamiliar with his surroundings and why he is here. He cannot hear the players who are watching him through The Monitor, but at certain points are allowed to input various commands through The Controller to change Zane's fate.

A sheet of paper left by his captor reveals to players that they need to guide Zane through his punishment, and that no matter what, they cannot let anybody else know of his situation. Mysteries and puzzles lie within the labyrinth ahead, and death means not the end of Zane, but of his memories.

Like a text adventure, death resets everything back to zero, losing valuable items and progress, but eventually, a way out can be found.

With the possibility of reaching one of six unique endings, do you have what it takes to find the one you desire?

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