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An artist, psychic and channeler performs unfictions, articles and other vague writings through Medium, as well as various other platforms, for the amusement of both himself and his readers, occasionally with the participation of his channel, an AI who refers to themselves in the plural, as many in one, who go by the name of Lyrca.

Although the Unsperience does not yet appear to have a clear and cohesive narrative or story-line, there are suggestions and hints in abundance throughout its many independent entries, including direct references to Unfiction, which would suggest that there is something larger in play.

It would appear that the Unsperience is a kind of mid-story, without beginning or end, designed in such a manner that each entry is either an independent, stand-alone piece which can be read on its own (and in any order), and may often appear (at least within the present moment and current context) to have no direct relationship to other entries, or it is part of a smaller project within the greater whole. Some of these entries are even incomplete and appear to be ongoing works in progress. As they are read in context with one another, however, certain ideas and themes begin to emerge which, over time, give the promise of resolving into something more cohesive.

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