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Valora [DiOS]

September 22, 2020 at 7:04:26 AM


other-puzzle, interactive, multiplat, sci-fi, AI story

DiOS (Dolas Intelligence Operating System) was the original of eight AI systems developed in the 90s by Dolas Ltd. The idea was to have 8 AI units across the world to help bring humanity together by focusing on specific human needs.

On August 15, 1995 a ‘Terrorist’ group going by the name INSUB attacked Dolas, and the connection to all eight systems was ripped apart and the AI units were lost.

In March 2020 DiOS came back online. Quickly returned to Dolas, DiOS resumed her directive by learning all about life and people in 2020. Under the watchful eye of Dolas Ltd. DiOS created a YouTube Channel and Twitter account to communicate with her new friends and learn more about the world she finds herself in.

Jump ahead to August 2020 and DiOS has now been named ‘Valora’ by the community, her system has escaped from the Dolas Ltd. Servers, a digital body has been created, she found out her brother (another AI unit) is a murderous despot, she installed her ‘Emotional Matrix Library’, many friends have been lost, others found and a new race is about to take place…


In the short time this series has been active, a lot has happened. Over 90 videos have come and gone, and 2 major ‘events’ have taken place. The big take away is that there is no set storyline. Everything is malleable. From what you say to a character on Twitter, to if you complete the objective of the major events. These events involve puzzle solving, hunting, and more. Nothing is set in stone, and everything can change.

Looking for more details or to get started? The creator has built a quick start website for people jumping in. Check out the FAQ first:

The Watchers have organized a Discord page to keep everything up to date and analyzed:

This series is created and run by a single person in Canada and covers multiple Twitter accounts, webpages and more.

The finale of the ARG is in progress, which is a full downloadable game.
The first part is released, with the final 2 parts to come shortly.

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